No Bark Collar By MO- No Harm Shock Dog Control, with 7 Levels of Correction and Adjustable Sensitivity + 2 Bonuses Extra Battery + eBook “Training Your Dog”.

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  • A SAFE, HUMANE, AND EASY WAY TO BREAK a dog's habit of excessive barking. Suitable for small to large dogs (15 lbs. and above).
  • SEVEN LEVELS OF SOUND-SENSITIVITY (set via the "+ / -" buttons on the collar), so you can set it to suit the loudness of your dog's bark. Youll also get a Free Bonus eBook Training You Dog The first steps of dog training.
  • THE CORRECTION STIMULUS GOES THROUGH SEVEN STAGES, starting with a short warning sound and progressing to a louder sound plus a mild, harmless shock. After the seventh level, there's no further stimulus for 1 minute to avoid over-correction.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMPACT, and uses a replaceable battery.(you also get a second battery as a gift. The collar is triggered by sensing sound and vibration at the dog's neck to avoid false triggering from outside noises.
  • This MO brand product is sold with a full money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a 100% refund.

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Product Description

Rip open that boring brown Amazon box the moment it arrives at your front door. And VOILA inside is your Brand New MO Bark-Control collar.


There's an instant warning response when the dog barks, so he or she will be sure to make the connection. The collar's first response to a bark is just a short sound tone. If the dog barks again within thirty seconds, the tone gets louder.

This correction has seven levels, and beginning with the third level a small electric shock (like a static electric shock) is added to the warning sound. This shock is harmless, but it should be enough to break the cycle of barking. If the dog continues to bark through all seven levels, the collar will become inactive for one minute to give the dog a rest. Whenever the dog stops barking for 30 seconds, the collar resets to its first level of correction. In future instances of barking, the dog should learn to stop with only the warning sound.


The collar's microprocessor identifies the vibration and sound of barking coming from the dog's neck, so it won't be triggered by outside noises. With the "+ / -" buttons on the collar you can set how loud a bark has to be to trigger the collar. The collar comes with long and short pairs of electrodes to suit dogs with longer or shorter fur.


When you first use the collar, you should be sure you're home when he or she starts barking. Occasionally a very excitable dog will get into a cycle of barking in response to the collar's stimulus, so you'll want to be there to make sure this isn't a problem. This collar isn't recommended for puppies.

During the first few days of use, check your dog's skin under the electrodes each day to make sure there's no irritation.

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