Witeasy N-308 2.8″ TFT Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Time Clock Employee Payroll Recorder *Detailed Instruction included*

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  • Can process 600 fingerprints and 100,000 transaction records., no matter good or poor, less than 1.2 second.
  • USB flash drive download / upload, makes the attendance data collection convenient
  • Powerful management software, detailed instructions for you
  • Fingerprint / Password identification modes are all available
  • Professional installations: Retail store, Small factory, Small medium enterprise, Construction site, Restaurant, Hospital/Medical clinic, Motel/Hotel and many other fields.

Product Description

Fingerprint recognition technology to provide the identity of a safer, more reliable, and more convenient means of identification. Fingerprint attendance machine is fingerprint recognition technology in civilian areas the most common, the most successful case. The fingerprint attendance through biometric technology and optical technology combined with high-tech products made ​​out of. Fingerprint unique and can not borrow, other employees can be avoided each other punch occurred while no other related supplies, economic, reliable and convenient

N-308 self-fingerprint attendance machine while maintaining the natural advantages of fingerprint biometrics, is leading the industry first launched the sixth generation of the "self-learning" (only selected to update the original fingerprint database) and the appearance of new, quality of elegance, fingerprint recognition technology, high accuracy, dual-core processors quickly identify with Chinese or English voice prompts offline attendance, high-precision clock chip, a powerful anti-crash technology, high stability, a strong background in software, available from custom reports.

Technical Specifications

* The fingerprint storage: 600
* Management record capacity: 1000
* Record Capacity: 100,000
* Means of communication: USB
* U disk collection
* Fingerprint plane acceptance angle: ± 360 degrees
* Effective collection of surface: 16 * 14mm
* Authentication methods: fingerprint, password, fingerprint + password
* Antistatic strength: <15KV
* FRR: ≤ 0.01%
* False acceptance rate: ≤ 0.0001%
* Operating Humidity: 20% -60%
* Operating temperature: 0C -45C
* Storage Humidity: 20% -80%
* Storage temperature: -10C -65C
* Power: <5W

Package Content

1 x Fingerprint Time Attendance Clock
1 x AU Power plug
1 x User Manual
1 x screws package

Product Detail

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