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  • Viking Electronics
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Product Description

The CPC-1 will generate a Calling Party Control (CPC) disconnect signal on a PABX analog station (or any other line that does not provide this signal). A CPC signal is a momentary break in phone line loop current, which is used to signal automated telco equipment (ie. voice mail, call sequencers, etc.) the distant party has hung up. Central Office telephone lines typically provide this signal, butAnalog PABX stations do not. The CPC-1 will generate a 1 second disconnect when it detects a busy signal, reorder tones (fast busy), return to dial tone, or silence.FEATURES:- Phone line powered (no AC needed)- Generates CPC disconnect on: - Return to dial tone (programmable) - Busy signal - Reorder (fast busy) - Steady silence (programmable)- LED shows: - In use - Audio detected - Generated CPC signal- Caller ID compatible

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