VideoSecu 3 large & 3 small security warning signs/stickers/Decals for CCTV video surveillance camera 1RV

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  • Large ones size: 11.5"x8.3"
  • Small ones size: 3"x2"
  • This is the quick, easy way to warn criminals that they are being watched
  • Easily posted and removed
  • Can be applied to any smooth surface

Product Description

These security warning Decals are excellent to deter theft, loitering, robbery, employee misconduct, trespassing. Whether you have a camera or not, these Decals will certainly make the would-be burglar think twice about trying to enter your home. These Decals will make sure that your security system gets noticed. Criminals will think you have security cameras even if you don't and will go away in search of an easier target.

Product Detail

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