Outdoor Dropcam Mounting Arm Gooseneck for Dropcam Cases White, Attention No Case Included

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  • DROPCASE MOUNTING OPTION: Please note this is ONLY the gooseneck mount, and does not include the matching outdoor enclosure or camera. The outdoor enclosure for Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro can be ordered separately, and there is also a bundle option which includes BOTH the outdoor enclosure and gooseneck mount.
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: Use your mounting gooseneck to help create an amazing outdoor security system. Feel safe and secure by keeping an eye on the outside your property with this extremely flexible gooseneck mount. You can even view live footage from any device in the world!
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Allows you to rotate and extend your camera at a 360° angle, which provides your camera with great flexibility and helps to position your camera in hard to reach locations. The mount is produced with heavy duty and sturdy metal materials which will stand the test of time, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • SETTING-UP YOUR CAMERA: The quick and easy installation process allows you to get your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro set-up within seconds, while making adjustments to get that perfect angle is also simple and painless. Matching installation hardware is included in delivery.
  • RELIABLE CAMERA PROTECTION: Dropcases are the longest serving producers of outdoor Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro accessories, and we are dedicated to offering customers the most reliable and durable solutions for your camera possible.

Product Description

Protect Your Camera. Protect Your Home.
Dropcases provide Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro users with a wide range of outdoor enclosures and camera accessories to customers all across the world.

All of our accessories have gone through a wide range of tests, and have received the seal of approval from our thousands of users in all different types of weather conditions. This gooseneck is the perfect mounting option for
your outdoor Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro outdoor enclosure, and helps you transform your camera into a unique and diverse home security system.

Nest Cam & Dropcam Pro are the most advance and reliable cameras available for home security, and allow 24/7 live streaming to any device. With our accessories, you can keep an eye on your property from any
location in the world! Find out why your parcels keeping getting damaged or which neighbor keeps stealing your newspaper!

Additional Details:

• Available in both black and white, with further mounting options also on sale at our Amazon store front (click on "Dropcases")
• Intended to be used with one of our outdoor enclosures - This is only the mounting bracket and not the actually camera case itself.
• Dimensions: Length 7.5 inches long
• Produced from flexible and durable metallic materials, which allow you to position your camera in any direction you wish!
• Arm extension allows you to set-up the camera in, otherwise, unreachable locations and angles
• Contains a protective layer on all surfaces to ensure your gooseneck is 100% waterproof
• Camera cable runs alongside the gooseneck, and not through
• Designed using German product engineering and with high quality materials
*not compatible with Dropcam HD

Product Detail

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