KSRplayer CC309 1.6″ LCD Surveillance Anti bug Anti-Spy Laser Wireless Signal Full Band Detector Signal Amplification Detector

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  • Detect whether your car or office wireless eavesdropping device installed chant Detect whether the phone tapping or a chant (standby grains transmit signal out) Detect whether your car chanting eavesdropping device installed GPS tracking, GPS tracker Detecting your working environment \'residential buildings have rooftop base station radiation
  • Detect wireless network signal, cell phone base station signals, wireless surveillance system field strength Detect leaks and other household appliances such as induction of the magnetic radiation hazardous to your health
  • Detect more subtle 508GHz candid camera wireless, wireless eavesdropping, wireless monitor signal Check the hotel, toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, locker room wireless pinhole camera Business negotiations, school examiner places, factories, military facilities or government agencies prevent eavesdropping candid
  • Through radio frequency detection function detects the wireless lens Through red high lights scanning with the naked eye unpredictable find a variety of lenses.
  • Wireless detect a variety of prompts: voice prompts, vibrating alert, LED indicator tips Can connect the headset to detect more subtle ways. Wireless signal strength indication, quick positioning signal source .Detection sensitivity is adjustable.

Product Description

Laser Detection Camera Distance: 10cm~10m
Electric Wave Detection Camera Distance: 5cm~10m .Detection Distance: 30~50cm
Detection Distance: 100~200cm
Instructions for use:
A.Detection Camera
Turn on the power switch, a string of red lights flash.Click the laser light switch, back of the instrument six LED flashes.Down and move around the instrument, laser scanning of the surrounding environment, observing the eye by the host window. Such as in front of a camera, you will find a strong bright spot in flash (with vibration and audio cues)
If you hold down a row switch, LED flashes every 2 seconds, a fast frequency level, then the fourth panel status lights will flash once. A total of eight choices, preferences can be adapted to all types of people.In pressing the switch to turn off the laser scanning B.Detect radio waves (wireless cameras.Wiretapping, etc.)
Sound Detection:
1) Turn the power switch, power indicator light (blue light)
2) move around, if the flashing red light, a voice prompt that there are transmitters. Signal becomes stronger, the 4 LED lights at the same time, the sound becomes greatly changed quickly.
3) Pull out the antenna, adjust the potentiometer to the maximum, can widen the search.
4) gradually shorten the antenna, reverse the potentiometer to reduce the detection range, can eventually find the emission source
5) insert the headset can also be used
Silent Detection:
1) Slide the power switch to the top of the power indicator light (blue light)
2) signal, only the flash and vibration.
3) Other operating above
C. Compass
Enhance this particular feature of this product, it is important for professionals.
D. Low Battery Tips
When the built-in battery voltage is low, the fourth panel status indicator will stop flashing
Package Included:
1 X Signal Detector
1 X Use Manual

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