Ivation IVAFINGSAFE15 Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Safe for Guns, Valuables & Manuscripts Fingerprint Sensor, Full-Sized Digits, Override Keys 4 AA Batteries Included


    • Rapid-Read Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Saves Precious Seconds in Emergencies
    • Programmable Lock Can Store & Accept up to 32 Different & Unique Fingerprints
    • Full-Sized Digits & Manual Override Keys Provide Reliable Backup Safety Options
    • Pry-Resistant Door; Concealed Hinges; Dual Heavy Steel Live-Action Locking Bolts
    • Adjustable Shelf & Safe Bottom are Padded with Soft Foam to Protect Valuables

    Product Description

    Ivation-grade safety at the tip of your finger.
    Our newest electronic gun safes are perfect for storing everything from firearms to jewelry to manuscripts to cash and beyond. With all-around solid steel construction and a host of innovations that fuse safety and convenience, the Ivation EA10 and EA15 are affordable yet serious home safes. Choosing between the two is easy: Our EA10 features a simpler 4-button keypad and a power button for the biometric sensor to reduce unwanted unlocking, while our EA15 features a larger 10-digit keypad and an instant-unlock sensor.

      Super-Fast Fingerprint Reader
      Biometric security devices are gaining momentum worldwide for their speed and accuracy. Our new safes pack a rapid-read fingerprint sensor that adds huge convenience over keys, and also saves you precious seconds in emergencies.

      32 Programmable Fingerprints
      If you share your safe with a spouse, a trusted friend, your children's guardian, or another party that requires access when you're not around, there is no safer way than to store their prints. No more lost or stolen keys, and no forgotten passcodes.

      Dual Safety Backup Features
      With full-sized digits and included manual override keys, you can gain access to your firearms and valuables if something ever goes wrong with the fingerprint sensor. This is especially useful if the sensor's batteries die while the safe is locked.

      Solid Steel Construction
      Ivation's safes don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt. In fact, we built these thinking that someone would work to break them open. Hence the pry-resistant doors, concealed hinges, and dual live-action locking bolts made of heavy steel.

      Padded Adjustable Shelf
      Customize your safe's internal space with the included adjustable shelf, separating jewelry from documents, for example. To protect your delicate valuables from scratching, the shelf and the safe bottom are padded with foam.

    Product Detail

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