IP66 Certified Waterproof Nest Cam Enclosure & Threaded Wall Mount in Black – Outdoor Home Security Case (Protective Camera Cover) w/ 100% Night Vision & Built-In Heat Sink…

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  • NEST CAM COMPATIBLE ONLY: Case uses original Nest Cam stand in order to mount camera, and will not work with Dropcam Pro or HD. Outdoor enclosure attaches to Nest Cam stand in order to create a fully functioning home security system
  • 100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION: The only IP66 certified protective enclosure for Nest Cam, which guarantees a complete waterproof solution. This offer is for the camera case only, and no camera is included
  • HEAT-SINK COOLS DOWN CAMERA: Integrated heat sink back plate, which is positioned behind your Nest Cam and allows you to keep your camera at a cool temperature. A perfect accessory for your Nest Cam
  • CUSTOMIZED CABLE CONNECTION: Built-in mini-USB cable runs through an integrated thread, and connects to your Nest Cam. Cable uses a specialized 90° angle connection to ensure that your camera never loses power!
  • AMAZING IMAGE QUALITY: Specially designed polarizing lens and anti-reflection ring, giving your camera a crystal clear image regardless of whether you are using it during day or night. Completely reflection-free!

Product Description

Protect Your Camera. Protect Your Home.
Dropcases provide Nest Cam users with a wide range of outdoor enclosures and camera accessories to customers all across the world.

Our cases have been tried and tested by thousands of customers in hundreds of different locations and weather climates, allowing customers to transform their cameras into a diverse home security system.

Nest Cam is the most advance and reliable cameras available for home security, and allows 24/7 live streaming to any device. With our cases, you can keep an eye on your property from any
location in the world! Find out why your parcels keeping getting damaged or which neighbor keeps stealing your newspaper!

Additional Details:

Offer includes both the outdoor enclosure and integrated thread stand, providing a 100% waterproof and completely sealed solution. Camera is not included.

Aluminium circular heat sink located behind your camera to help cool down your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro allows your use your camera in any location.

Fantastic video footage during both day and night vision mode thanks to a special polarizing lens with an anti-reflection ring.

This case transforms your camera into an outdoor security system, and helps you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world.

All cases are designed through German product engineering and made from high quality and weatherproof materials.

Product Detail

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