HQ-Cam Box Camera Auto Iris Lens, 4mm – 12mm Vari-Focus, 2.6 Megapixels, High Quality Lens Glasses

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  • Install with Box Camera
  • 1/2 Auto Iris
  • Vari-Focal 4mm~12mm; 2.6 Megapixel
  • F1.4 ; CS mount, DC Drive
  • One year Warranty , Free Life-time Tech-Support

Product Description

For 1/2" cs-mount camera
This lens is being designed for 1/2" CCD camera and mount is CS type. Fiange back of cs-mount is 12.5mm

Direct drive iris
This lens is not built-in amplifier for auto iris(auto lris control printed circuit board). Iris blade on lens is being operated by DC from camera accordingly. Please use this lens with conbination of camera built-in auto iris amplifier (DC-iris) or camera which can be switchable for video signal/DC-iris.

Adjustment of fixing position
Fixing between mount and camera must be turned right toward camera to the end tightly. Lens must be turned to opposit direction (not clockwise) and you can adjust fixing position of lens quite easily. As per sketch No.1 part of Galvanometric meter must be positioned on left side toward front of camera when you fix lens on camera. When you want to take lens off from camera. You must turn lens to left direction.

Vari-Focal Lens
This lens has 2 focal distance. The change of Tele/wide can be done with zooming. In case you want to make focus at an optional position between Tele/wide you must re-adjust focusing once again.

Cable connection of lens connector
This connector and its cable connection is common for fixed focal/vari-focal lens. In case of erroneous connection. It will be caused malfuncton and breakdown of lens and camera. Please fit it without failure as per sketch.

Product Detail

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