(Fingerprint+password+mechanical Key Three in One Lock & Accommodates Both Left and Right Opening Doors & Maximum 120 Fingerprints & Waterproof,dustproof and Tough)New Model!adel Ls9 Biometric Fingerprint Password Door Lock


    • Two more lock cylinder,1 hammer,1 screwdriver,1 drill,1 file--Teach You Set it up Step by Step, Totally DIY , no more cost.
    • Fingerprint+password+mechanical Key Three in One Lock--Triple Protection
    • Low voltage warning--When the battery is used out, can be connected with external adaptor
    • Maximum 120 fingerprints
    • For home doors, office doors, manager office doors, financial room doors, medicine warehouse doors, archives office doors

    Product Description

    Highly Recommend!
    Easy to use and install
    Love the future. My very own fingerprint keyless entry!
    Works great!
    love it!! works great! easy installation

    Let's see the advantages of using fingerprint door lock:
    1.Save time (3 minutes VS 1second)If you are still using traditional key lock, everyday you need to spend 1 minute to remember where your keys are, and 1 minuter to find it, 1 minute to open it......But for fingerprint door lock, just 1 second to get in.
    2.User Management. You don't need to change the lock because of anybody's move out or move in anymore. Just set it up and add or delete one more user.
    3.More safe. You don't need to worry about thieves use unlock tools to open your door, or worry about your lost keys.
    4.More modern. Make your home modern and automatic. That's cool~
    To tell you the truth, I use it in my own home. If there is one product can make my life more efficient and simple, why not?

    Maximum 120 fingerprints
    Specially designed reversible handle which accommodates both left or right opening doors.
    Passage mode which is convenient for meeting and conference
    Warning beeps and red indicator light when battery is low
    Compatible door thickness : 30mm - 60mm
    Emergency external DC 9V battery input
    External Stand-by Power supply.
    Fit most cylindrical locksets.
    Heavy duty construction design.
    Set to passage mode at any time.
    Fingerprint won't lose if batteries are dead.

    Single Package includes
    1 x Fingerprint
    2 x key
    2 x Cylinder
    3 x Accessories
    1 x Screw pack
    1 x Installation Instructions
    1 x Operating Instructions
    1 x Kit

    Product Detail

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