Dummy Security Camera – Imitation Infrared Night Vision – Low Cost & Keeps Intruders Away – 2 Year Guarantee

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  • These dummy security cameras have a realistic look. Stay away from cheaply made fake outdoor security cameras that clearly tell thieves, burglars, vandals and intruders that your home security system is not real - putting you, your family, and your possessions at risk.
  • Each imitation dome camera has a soft glow LED that spreads throughout the lens to simulated a genuine infrared night vision camera. Mix these up with your actual internet wireless security camera system to make anyone think twice about theft, burglary, vandalism or intrusion. Protect what matters most to you - perfect for the home, office, business or workplace.
  • Battery powered (2 AA not included) and last weeks at a time. To prolong battery use, take them out if you have high definition cameras hooked up to a real DVR system. No one will be able to tell that any of your cameras are not part of your CCTV camera security system that connects to your cell phone via wifi.
  • Easy to position on a ceiling or wall as comes with screws, anchors, and a template to pencil where to mark drill holes. No cables so you can quickly put up your cameras to deter anyone that would want to cause you harm.
  • Lens swivels even when camera is mounted - the lens can face different directions so you create the impression that you are directly watching whoever comes near you. You will have piece of mind knowing that people will feel uncomfortable when you are watching them on your monitor - so they will stay away.

Product Description

Do You Want To Deter Thieves, Vandals, And Intruders From Your Property? Do You Find Security Cameras Expensive? Then these dummy security cameras are just for you. Genuine Look: Intruders, criminals, and thieves will think twice about entering your home or workplace, keeping you, your family and possessions safe from thieving hands. Imitation Infrared Lens: Low glow LED simulates the look of night vision cameras. All that see it will think that they will be seen any time of day, keeping you and your family safe from harm. Mount: Simple to set up as requires no external wiring. Looks like a wireless internet home security camera hooked up to a DVR system. Comes with a template to position the screws and anchors into a wall or ceiling, giving a permanent solution as a deterrent to keep uninvited people away. Position Lens: When mounted, the lens swivels allowing you to move and position it. Anyone in the area will think they are being filmed and will think twice about doing anything untoward to you or your property. No Logo: Does not allow thieves to research that this is a fake CCTV camera - they will simply assume that the security camera is genuine and will leave you alone. Battery Operated: Even if you have a power outage, the LEDs will still glow keeping up the premise of the product being an excellent deterrent. AA batteries not included. Backed up with a 2 year free replacement guarantee. Scroll up and click 'Add To Cart' immediately to get your dummy security cameras.

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