David-Link A-1300 Biometric Door Access Control System

    Product Description

    For the Door Access Control field, David-Link delivers its advanced technology A-1300. Combining the latest optical fingerprint recognition technology with RFID and Pin Code accesses options, the A-1300 provides a robust and stable solution for your access control needs.Good for up to 3,000 Fingerprint Templates Record up to 60,000 access Download Employee Records with a USB Flash Memory Device, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB Cable connection Standard Proximity Card Reader (Optional) Wall Mounted Door Access Control System Display Employee Name on Screen When Punching In Connects Directly To any Computer through the USB Cable or Ethernet Administrator Feature to Edit, Add or Delete Records The Latest David-Link Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI) Employee Authentication Methods: Fingerprint, Proximity Card (RFID) or Pin Number FRR: <= 1% FAR: <= 0.0001% Package includes: 1 X Biometric Door Access Control terminal? Optional: Power Supply Kit (Control up to 4 door access devices), Bell, Alarm or Software Managing System

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