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    The Aquaguard alarm system is the most reliable consumer-installed swimming pool alarm that detects a child or pet (18 lbs or more) falling into the pool or spa while being virtually immune to wind and false alarms. The extremely versatile AquaGuard even works in swimming pools with typical spa overflows and certain other water features. You'll know right away if a child falls into the swimming pool, the detector's dual sirens are louder than a car alarm. This technology insures that you hear the pool alarm outside as well as the remote unit inside. Consumers love the straight forward design of the Aquaguard and how the system always lets you know when it's armed. The two-way remote allows customers to put the system into swim stand-by in. mode from the house and the system even rearms itself after everyone has left the pool. When ordering the AquaGuard Pool Alarm System you will receive a main unit (detector) and a wireless remote with transformer. One AquaGuard Pool Alarm System will cover a typical 32 ft. x 16 ft. rectangular or kidney shaped swimming pool. If your pool is larger or irregular shaped, then you will need 2 systems. When using 2 systems, they can be operated via one wireless remote for ease of use. A spa will require a separate system

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