Anviz Fingerprint Door Lock


    • High-impact lock body
    • State of the art nanotechnology surface
    • High quality steel construction
    • User management flexibility
    • Comes standard with an RFID Key-tag entry system

    Product Description

    The Anviz L100-D Biometric Fingerprint Lock is a single latch door lock with fingerprint authentication technology. Authorized users can easily open the lock with the touch of a finger. This amazing product replaces keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor which recognizes who is and who is not authorized to enter. Once your fingerprint is registered, all you will have to do is scan your fingerprint to gain access. It's that simple! The Anviz L100-D fingerprint door lock also comes standard with an RFID Key-tag entry system in which a user is provided with a unique programmable RFID badge or key-tag. To open the lock, the user passes the RFID badge or key-tag near the lock, and the lock opens instantly. Should the need arise a set of backup Keys are also included for emergency entry, and in the event of a power failure the Anviz L100-D is equipped with a 9V battery connector on the outside, simply connect a 9V battery to the connector and power will be instantly restored to the lock. Installation is a breeze and you won't need to modify your existing door if it is a standard US door with an existing single, tubular hole. The Anviz L100-D fingerprint door lock will accommodate up to 200 fingerprints. Other biometric locks do not offer user management flexibility, to delete any fingerprints requires a complete device reset. The Anviz L100-D fingerprint lock is made using a high impact lock body with a state of the art nanotechnology surface and high quality steel construction. The L100-D's outer body will help prevent your lock from corrosion, weathering and fading. The Anviz L100-D fingerprint door lock includes a complete 1 Year Warranty.

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