2.8″ Color TFT Fingerprint Time Clock N-308 Attendance System Employee Entry Biometric, Support 360 Degree Finger Identification


    • No software needed.
    • 15 minutes set up.
    • High-precision clock chip
    • Energry saving.
    • Latest Biometric techology.

    Product Description

    N-308 self-fingerprint attendance machine while maintaining the natural advantages of fingerprint biometrics, is leading the industry first launched the sixth generation of the "self-learning" (only selected to update the original fingerprint database) and the appearance of new, quality of elegance, fingerprint recognition technology, high accuracy, dual-core processors,high-precision clock chip,anti-crash technology, high stability, strong background software.

    Unique Features:

    ¡¤ Sixth generation fingerprint recognition technology, high accuracy
    ¡¤ Dual-core processors quickly identify
    ¡¤ With Chinese or English voice prompts
    ¡¤ High-precision clock chip
    ¡¤ Powerful anti-crash technology, high stability
    ¡¤ A strong background in software, custom reports
    ¡¤ Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, English (individuals choose only)
    ¡¤ Support Chinese / English / Korean Name Display
    ¡¤ Support Chinese or English voice prompts
    ¡¤ Extended features, Easy Access

    Technical Parameters:

    The fingerprint storage: 600
    Management record capacity: 1000
    Record Capacity: 100,000
    Means of communication: USB
    U disk collection
    Fingerprint plane acceptance angle: ¡À 360 degrees
    Effective collection of surface: 16 * 14mm
    Authentication methods: fingerprint, password, fingerprint + password
    Antistatic strength: <15KV
    FRR: ¡Ü 0.01%
    False acceptance rate: ¡Ü 0.0001%
    Operating Humidity: 20% -60%
    Operating temperature: 0 ¡æ -45 ¡æ
    Storage Humidity: 20% -80%
    Storage temperature: -10 ¡æ -65 ¡æ
    Power: <5W
    Dimensions: 200 * 140 * 52mm


    1X fingerprint attendance machine
    1X US Power plug
    1X Operation Guide
    1x screws package

    Product Detail

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